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Finally a medical alert system that offers many benefits such as fall detection, GPS-enabled for on-the-go, response from a doctor, and a caregiver app. Features: GPS and cell phone enabled. EMT and Doctor responses. Use in home or on-the-go

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Consumer & Patients Medical Alert System

Electronic Caregiver medical alerts

Electronic Caregiver® Premier includes a pocket smart health device and emergency wrist pendant, with one-touch telehealth and interactive care plan support. Electronic Caregiver® Premier utilizes both Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Cellular Based Location Services (CBS) to locate the user’s current location, with 24/7 emergency response and automated health surveys. Our highly sensitive microphones allow operators to hear clients anywhere the mobile device is, whether in your home or on the go. ECG Premier allows seniors the confidence to live longer, safer, and more independently.


24/7 Emergency Response

Electronic Caregiver provides 24/7 monitoring through the most advanced and expert staffed, dual location monitoring facility in North America. Our service expedites response to emergencies, provides continuous monitoring of your system’s diagnostic and performance features, notifies responsible parties of critical health information and events, and supports the continuum of care and customer safety.

Wearable Protection

Electronic Caregiver provides the most attractive, wearable wrist pendant available. Its lightweight, submersible, never needs to be recharged, and can be comfortably worn while sleeping or bathing. Our wearable is far more reliable protection and comes in a variety of exciting colors for a sense of style. Safe for sensitive skin and won’t interfere with medical devices. An optional wearable auto-fall detector is also available.

Care Plan Reminder

50% of readmissions into hospitals are caused by non-adherence to medication and treatment plans. Premier provides personalized, monitored health plan and medication reminders. The Premier will chime to notify the client when it’s time for a care plan activity, such as taking medication. We monitor the clients’ one-touch acknowledgment of the reminder and call to check if they don’t respond. Once acknowledged, the Premier plays a simple voice message of the most immediate care plan instruction. Care plan reminders are proven to reduce hospitalization and improve health outcomes.

Activity monitoring

Activity monitoring is a critical ingredient for security and customer care. Some emergencies don’t involve a fall. Some emergencies result in an incapacitated client, unable to press a button. Electronic Caregiver monitors two critical periods during the day to identify if customers are active. If we cannot verify activity, it may be a sign that the customer is in trouble or incapacitated. We will notify responsible parties when activity routines are broken to conduct a wellness check. Activity monitoring saves lives.


When a person is older, at risk, or has a chronic condition at any age, they’re often reluctant to expose themselves to environments such as the waiting room of the local urgent care. Delayed access to care and passing days before a doctor’s appointment can be made, might be detrimental to health status. PocketMD is an option offered through Premier, where at the touch of a button, a customer can get connected 24/7 to a professional, qualified physician licensed in their state. A consultation can be made over the phone, from the comfort of home, and in many cases, a prescription can be called in. Electronic Caregiver customers love the convenience of PocketMD.


From a safety and security perspective, geolocation is essential for providing an accurate response. Many Electronic Caregiver customers are independent and highly active. They walk, they shop, they hike, they cycle, and they rely on Premier to maintain those privileges. One never knows when they might roll an ankle on stairs or walking, or have a biking incident, or experience an altercation with a perpetrator or loose animal. It’s difficult to dial a phone when you’re defending yourself, or in the case, it goes flying during an incident. With GPS location responders and family members can more accurately determine your whereabouts when you require assistance. Call us to learn more about other Premier geolocation features.

Choose Your Medical Alert Style

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Medical Alert System
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Your physician on the go.

PocketMD is a 24/7 service accessible from your handheld device or mobile phone. By pressing a single button, you’re immediately connected to a physician-on-demand facilitator who will verify your identity, record your symptoms, and then contact a physician on your behalf. Within 15 minutes you can have a prescription at your preferred pharmacy. It’s like having an urgent care center in the palm of your hand!


Family Caregiver App

Our Family Care App helps coordinate care and client support with authorized friends and family. You can send a message directly to a client’s system, and caregivers can receive important notifications to help monitor clients and improve quality of care. It is available for immediate use on iPhone or Android mobile devices.

“My own Mom has been using the Electronic Caregiver and last year upgraded to a Series 3 4G Premier and loves it especially the severe weather alerts. This system has saved her life twice because of life threatening falls.”

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