Remote Patient Monitoring

Senior Care Connection has been helping seniors age in place for over 20 years. Remote Patient Monitoring is a new addition to our offering. Now new technology makes it easy for patients to stay connected with their doctor between visits. The home now becomes an extension of the physician office experience.


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What is RPM?

Personal health and medical data collection from an individual with a chronic condition using FDA approved devices such as a blood pressure monitor at home.  The data is transmitted to their medical provider in a different location to assist in care and related support.

Why My Practice?

Medicare has recognized RPM as a proven modality to help reduce ER and hospital admissions.  CMS released new CPT codes in 2019, before the pandemic, to incentivise physicians who see Medicare patients with chronic conditions.  Doctors can now earn an additional $10-15k per month when they participate in RPM programs.  Our platform was designed so there are NO upfront costs and NO risk of paying for any services not covered by a patient’s insurance.

What are the patient benefits?

Patients will benefit from having devices to use at home that sends data to their doctor automatically.  Over time trends and logarithms are developed that assist clinicians in giving better patient care.  The consumer facing app can also empower patients in improving their overall health.

“With the reimbursements from RPM my bottom line has improved greatly to the point of being able to hire an MA to help run RPM and other office functions” – Primary Medical Physician with many Medicare patients.

In January, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced new reimbursement CPT codes for RPM. Below is a chart that explains the billing codes for RPM.

CPT Codes for RPM - remote patient monitoring

RPM Dashboard

This is a screenshot of a patient account easily accessed by the physician and their staff.  The RPM timer is on as can be seen in the green box.  This means that whenever an account is accessed timing begins without any interaction on part of the staff.   Delta Five is a real patient with type 2 diabetes taking daily measurements using a Glucometer.  

The “My Alerts” tab shows there are 10 alerts for this physicians’ population who are using RPM devices. Pre-configured rules for out-of-parameter measurements or none at all capture alerts.  This gives instant access to those patients needing the most attention.

RPM Patient Dashboard

Screenshot of glucose trends

This is a screenshot of a chart of the glucose trends for Delta 5.  This patient is actively participating in daily glucose monitoring and is tracking data through their consumer facing app.  This helps them better manage their diabetes.

“I’m an endocrinologist who sees many diabetic patients. Many of them cannot afford the CGM devices available or don’t qualify for Medicare coverage for them. My Medicare patients with type 2 diabetes can now enroll in daily glucose readings with RPM. My staff now has many more patients protected by daily measurements that they can track and I can bill for it!”


– Endocrinologist

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