Digital Care Plans with Optional Patient Care Tasks

Easily establish and manage dynamic care plans for one to millions with a couple of clicks. Optionally assign daily, weekly, monthly and annual care tasks to consumers they complete with connected device data or manual checklists. Use automated digital reminders, rewards, and/or alerts to improve compliance.

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Product Features

Finally, a flexible, purpose built system of care plan support for the digital age.  Interactive Care Plans Features Include:

Customizable Template Library

Choose to start with proven and customizable 1bios Care Plan templates for 27 chronic conditions. Or, import your existing plan templates and/or create your own plans. Or, mix and match the best fit components from our templates and your plans.

Care Plan CMS (Content Management System)

Import, customize, or build from scratch your organization level care plan(s) templates in a flexible cloud-based framework that is easy to update at any time to support your approach.

Automated Plan Compliance

Manage a dashboard of notifications for any patient out of compliance with their Care Tasks, and optionally get text and/or email notifications for any alert.

Automated Time Tracking

Ensure that every minute of time spent working to execute the Care Plan is properly tracked and assigned to the relevant virtual care code.

Interactive Care Tasks

Optionally assign patients daily, weekly, monthly and annual care tasks that can be completed automatically from their connected devices and/or manually with a couple of clicks or taps.

Integrated Plan Reminders

Make it easy to create reminders for key plan events or follow-ups for any care professional including text and/or email notifications.

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