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From flat-file exchanges to real-time API’s, we have an option to fit your budget and technical capabilities that ensures program eligibility, demographic and health information, HIE messages, alerts, connected device data, and more can move in a timely and accurate manner across your IT systems.

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Product Features

Enable powerful new capabilities while eliminating error-prone and time-consuming processes. System Features Include:


Use Case Templates: 1bios ⇢ Other System

Samples include sending connected device data (blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, activity, etc.), other Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD), risk data, timed virtual care minutes and virtual care billable status.

API Integrations

We’re happy to integrate directly to pull and/or push data to any Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), or other system with a functioning API.

Automated Flat File Integrations

Sometimes your EHR, budget, or technical expertise means flat file integrations are best. We’ve got you covered and can help make this a secure and automated process.

Use Case Templates: Other System ⇢ 1bios

Samples include program eligibility status, demographics, vitals, labs, claims, diagnoses and medications.

Custom API/Interfaces

1bios was built for interoperability — if you have a use case or requirement not currently supported by 1bios and/or your other systems we have experience and motivation to build the solution.

HL7 FHIR Support

Our approach for API integrations for anything not already defined will be to utilize the HL7 FHIR specification.

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