Consumer Health & Wellness

Senior Care Connection Wellness can deliver custom HRA’s and/or Biometric Screenings, automate risk analysis and follow-up per risk level, automate rewards tracking and fulfillment, and more…


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Here’s how we’ll add value to your Wellness programs

Use Flexible HRA's, Screenings, and Risk Analytics

Customize our templates, or build your own from scratch, and use detailed risk dashboards to inform, and deliver,  appropriate interventions.

Offer Engagement Rewards with Automated Tracking and Fulfillment

Incentive anything from HRA completion, challenge participation, to “micro-rewards” for meeting daily activity or other metrics as measured by connected devices.

Build From a Deep Library of Step, Weight, and Habit Challenges

Offer health challenges with or without rewards and prizes to drive engagement. Utilize connected steps and health tracking devices. Make them private or public, support teams, and more.

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