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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), is going to revolutionize the way doctors and their patients with chronic conditions interact.  Like other new healthcare technologies, RPM was waiting for Medicare to determine that it is reducing ER and hospital admissions.  Now Medicare reimburses an average of $123 per month per patient that participates in an RPM program.  A Medicare/MAP patient needs one chronic condition like CHF, diabetes, COPD or hypertension to qualify.


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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring

Personal health and medical data collection from an individual with a chronic condition using FDA approved devices such as a blood pressure monitoring at home. The data is transmitted to their medical provider in a different location to assist in care and related support.

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Consumer Health & Wellness

Senior Care Connection and 1bios Wellness, can deliver custom HRA’s and/or Biometric Screenings, automate risk analysis and follow-up per risk level, automate rewards tracking and fulfillment, and more.

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FAQ for Remote Patient Monoriting

Frequently asked questions: Remote Patient Monoriting for physicians and professionals.

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“My practice has benefited greatly from RPM. I can direct my staff to notify me when a patient’s measurements show their condition is worsening. We can reach out to them and have them come in for needed tests and evaluation, if necessary. It's just nice to know that a safety net is in place to prevent hospitalizations”.


– Internal Medicine physicians

RPM Features

Connected Devices

Choose from 100’s of devices options to support high-touch Remote Patient Monitoring, health coaching, and disease management programs. Or, energize your engagement with wellness groups of any size.

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E-mail, text, and HIPAA messaging
Message 1:1 and 1:Many with anyone in your population in the most convenient and secure manner appropriate to support your care goals.

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Monitoring and Alerts

Consumer Health Monitoring with Smart Alerts
Activate powerful monitoring capabilities to support high-touch care, coaching, and disease management programs. Or, low-touch programs targeted at large population wellness groups. Use turn-key connected device data, consumer-reported data, and/or data from other systems.

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Share Information Between 1bios and Other Systems
From flat-file exchanges to real-time API’s, we have an option to fit your budget and technical capabilities that ensures program eligibility, demographic and health information, HIE messages, alerts, connected device data, and more can move in a timely and accurate manner across your IT systems.

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Virtual Care Timers

Automatically track every minute of non face to face time providing virtual care — by patient, care provider, and task. Use real time metrics to increase revenue, save time, reduce risk, and improve outcomes.

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Interactive Care Plans

Easily establish and manage dynamic care plans for one to millions with a couple of clicks. Optionally assign daily, weekly, monthly and annual care tasks to consumers they complete with connected device data or manual checklists. Use automated digital reminders, rewards, and/or alerts to improve compliance.

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