Powerful New Tools that Elevate Health and Wellness Programs To New Levels That Help Seniors Stay Healthier At Home

New technology is entering the physician and home health space with products like Go-anywhere Smart Medical Alert Systems (PERS), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and fall detection sensors to help seniors with chronic conditions live healthier lives, communicate with their doctors and loved ones, and help seniors in general feel safe and secure

  • Personal Medical Alert Technology

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Smart Home Sensors

New technology provides options to improve health, remotely stay connected to doctors and loved ones, combat loneliness and help those with chronic conditions stay informed.

RPM Patient Dashboard

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Software to help you efficiently provide RPM to a patient with a chronic condition, so you can improve population health, and profitably grow your business.

Popular Features
  • 100’s of Modern FDA Devices
  • Simple platform for the staff
  • Comprehensive billing reports

  • Caregiver and Patient apps
Electronic Caregiver medical alerts

Patients and Consumers

Finally a medical alert system that offers many benefits such as fall detection, GPS-enabled for on-the-go, response from a doctor, and a caregiver app.

Popular Features
  • GPS and cell phone enabled
  • EMT and Doctor responses
  • Use in home or on-the-go

Consumer Health Engagement, Wellness, Coaching

Software to help you automate and incentivize engagement, identify risk, and intelligently follow-up for any size population.

Popular Features
  • Custom HRA/Screening’s
  • Detailed Risk Analytics
  • Automated Rewards/Incentives




*Enroll your patients with a click of the button. We handle patient education and delivery of FDA approved devices such as BP, blood, weight, scale/BMI.

Patients take measurements using their device at home. The data is automatically transmitted to the providers secure portal.

Data is analyzed and high-risk patients are flagged based on the doctor’s pre-set criteria. Notifications are sent for changes in conditions.

Healthcare professionals use HIPAA compliant platform to remotely monitor and care for patients.

Doctors practice is reimbursed each month for enrolled patients. $125 per patient is average Medicare collection.

*Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan Participants who have a chronic condition such as Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, or CHF.

“RPM has made a difference for many of our seniors with chronic conditions. They are living healthier lives thanks to the informative and encouraging information they are receiving about their conditions and the interaction with our staff between visits. Taking their vitals every day helps them to be more in tune with their condition”


– Nurse Practitioner for Internal Medicine Group

Modern Tools for Virtual Care

Finally, a unified set of features, configurations, and value to support your opportunities and goals.

Virtual Care Timers

Ensure that every minute of non-face to face time providing care is automatically tracked — by patient, care provider, and task.

Interactive Care Plans

interactive-care-plans-iconUse clinically validated templates for chronic conditions or build your own. Assign interactive care task daily checklists to consumers and manage compliance. 

Connected Devices

connected-devices-iconChoose from 100’s of FDA medical and consumer health tracking devices for automated monitoring of glucose, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, steps, active minutes, sleep, and more


Make it easy to stay connected and track virtual care time spent by 1:1 and group email, text, and HIPAA secure chat

Monitoring/ Smart Alerts

smart-alerts-iconAmplify productivity with automated notifications of patient non-compliance with care tasks and out of range connected device measurements and trends.


integrations-iconAutomatically send data to or from 1bios and your EHR, billing, HIE, or other system.

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